Top 10 Tools I use?

Over the years, I worked with many tech tools to make my days flow easily.

Following is a list of top 10 Tools - which I use almost on a regular basis and they are an intrinsic part of my day:

  1. Grammarly:  I believe I can write well - and this skill got more advanced during my coursework at Sobey School of Business, Halifax as part pf my Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation Course! Grammarly made my writing go smooth.
  2. Zoom: From the time, the pandemic started - Zoom has always been a go to application for me. One key feature I really like is its capability to easily record my meetings - which in my case go in to YouTube for archival purposes. Online meetings have never been so easy.
  3. Slack: My works requires me to work with people across borders in a collaborative fashion. Slack is my go to application for all purposes team interaction and engagement.
  4. ClickUP: I worked with many project management tools - and finally settled for ClckUP. This is one of the best PM tools out there. I really liked its UI and ease of use. Assigning or keeping track of tasks has never been so easier.
  5. Canva: Gone are the days, when we really have to shell out lots of money to have some of the best image editing features. Canva makes designing super easy and their premium plan packs in so many great features apart from stock images. One great thing I really like about Canva is that it costs just less than 50 cents per day.
  6. Google Marketing: I work with diverse SME businesses helping them with their digital transformation needs. Google Marketing Tools are up on top to keep a track on a regular basis - especially Google My Business and Analytics are a must.
  7. Google Calendar: Keeping track of appointments and also scheduling new ones has become easier with Google Calendar.
  8. Dropbox: I’ve been using Dropbox for many years now and it is my go to cloud application to store my files. I tried different platforms - and decided to stick with Dropbox mainly for its ease of use - especially its ability to keep the folder structure while on the go.
  9. Microsoft To Do & Notion: Microsoft To Do has been my favourite application to list out all my to-do list of items. In the recent past, I started using Notion - I may shift to it at some point. But for now, Microsoft To Do does the job for me.
  10. Spotify: I like listening to music - podcasts has been a great addition in the recent past.

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