When we think about blogging - first thing that comes to our mind is WordPress. When I wanted to start sharing my experiences in a blog form - I also thought WordPress is the way to go. ‌

Future of CMS is HEADLESS - Ghost CMS VS WordPress CMS - I AM GRT

But then I realized - as a platform WordPress turned out to be a super complex system - which is technically capable of doing anything and everything. It is no longer limited to blogging.

Following are some key reasons - which are going against WordPress and are in favor of Ghost CMS:

Complexity: I used WordPress for many years from its initial days - earlier it used to be very straightforward and was very specific to blogging and it was revolutionary at that time. In all these years, new technologies have come up leading to the development of new platforms such as the Ghost CMS - which was built on Node JS, and the websites built on Ghost is super fast to load and are very light.

Whereas, WordPress is still similar to where it started many years and anything we want is just a plugin or an API extension away. This has resulted in making the WordPress platform cumbersome.

Whereas, Ghost CMS is much simple. You may find it challenging to set up. But once it is set up properly - the platform itself is super easy to use and everything you need especially security is all built in and the base system itself is fast, open, simple, and secure.

Speed: WordPress as a stand-alone system is archaic and if you want it to make it work - then you need to rely on external plugins, especially for SEO, page builders, and many more. Once you install WordPress - it takes quite a bit of work from our side to speed it up.

These scenarios have resulted in making the platform slow and with the presence of multiple plugins and their internal connections - the platform turns out to be very slow.

Whereas Ghost CMS as a system is already well packaged and you normally do not need external plugins to make it work as desired. Ghost CMS also loads content much faster and it is very easy to work with.

Security: WordPress as a platform is more vulnerable and we need to make sure that the system is made secure from external threats. Whereas Ghost CMS is very secure and as a standard root login is disabled. Plus, the standard features such as limited login attempts, SSL enabled, and all in all the Ghost CMS is built for security.

Ghost CMS by the standard is secure enough and you do not need external plugins or extra configuration to make it secure.‌

Ghost CMS Advantages:

Following are some key advantages of Ghost CMS:

  • Better SEO capability - all built into the system - no need for extra plugins.
  • Paid Membership pre-built into the system - 100% to the content owner.
  • Paid Email Newsletters - with 100% to content owner
  • Loads very fast (as per some independent tests on Ghost CMS - it loads content 1900% faster than other competitors), very light, open source, and secure.
  • The headless and content owner is in full control.
  • Gated Content - Members only.

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