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Market dynamics are changing more rapidly than ever. Netflix has been a pioneer in the content space - with its disruptive idea to go digital much before any other platform.

Netflix made its competition - Blackbuster (a market leader at one point with its DVD stores) - insignificant by going digital with its idea. Netflix then went on to strengthen its position in the digital space with its streaming platform and has ruled the OTT space for a long time.

As there is growing competition in the content space - especially with companies like Disney getting active with the launch of their content platforms and new acquisitions. The market is now hotter than ever.

On one side, Netflix's CEO Reed Hastings once said - " Seriously, folks, Netflix has no intention of monetizing with ads, ever." But they are now changing their stance and are now moving ahead with their plans to launch a much subsidized Netflix service with AVOD. Looks like Netflix is again going to disrupt the market - as they are popularly known for.

We use Netflix and we pay 20$ each month for the platform - but we also have Amazon Prime and Disney+ added to the list in the recent past. When you add it up - the amount becomes quite significant. Personally, I would not mind paying just 5.99$ for a Netflix subscription - even though there will be ads.

It will be interesting to see - how this move from Netflix impacts traditional AVOD players such as YouTube. I think - no matter which direction the industry is going to take - the customer is surely going to benefit from these price wars and disruption in content streaming.

What do you think of this disruptive new approach from Netflix? Would you continue the premium subscription or will be fine with ad-supported Netflix AVOD service?

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