Our Brains Are Branded - I AM GRT

Samsung and Apple are exactly the same - when you look at the hardware aspects of the devices. Samsung currently provides a significant number of parts to Apple - which it uses in its devices. While on the one side, both companies fiercely compete for the mobile telephone market share - they are partners when it comes to hardware.

When we put them side by side - we associate Apple as a brand that has got much better connect factor compared to Samsung and people owning Apple associate themselves with being very creative. It is a perception of the brand Apple that is much stronger compared to the perception one has of Samsung.

Generally, we see a transition of software companies getting into hardware. Example Apple and Google. Apple perfected the software game especially with their UI/UX before moving on to their flagship product - iPhone. Apple wields a whole lot of power in influencing consumers about the brand - and we also constantly hear Apple pushing this notion to people that Apple means creativity.

I am on Apple now - but I tried switching to Samsung in between but decided to move on as there seems to be a lack of innovation on the software side for Samsung and they are very much tied into Android.

Our perception of a brand influences our decisions - we do not mind spending that extra money for an Apple product as rational consumers. While Samsung is trying to price its products in a similar range as Apple. But the affinity of Apple as a brand is much stronger in its owners compared to the owners of Samsung products. Samsung managed to sustain the market for a long time - especially with their hardware prowess - which has helped them stay afloat.

If you look at it - they are in a very good position in the market competing head-on with Apple. Well, if you look at it. The competition is not just between Samsung Vs Apple. It is between Apple, Samsung, and Google (Android). In my view, Apple has evolved more on innovation and as a brand, they reached a point where they are actually influencing how customers behave or engage with Apple. If you ask anyone - Apple comes naturally strong as a brand associated with creativity and innovation. It has become intrinsic for customers. As Nir Eyal wrote in his book, customers are hooked on Apple.

That's the basic difference between Apple and Samsung. While I have no doubt about Samsung's strength in hardware. I really want to see them innovate further - and for that, they may have to consider building their own software ecosystem.

On the Software side, Android is powering all kinds of phones which have exactly the same features as an expensive Samsung device. There is no difference. Whereas, with Apple apart from their build quality (which is partly powered by Samsung) - I never had an issue with their software.

While the brands are fighting it out for supremacy by coming up with new ways to attract customers - what can we do as customers:

  • Consumers should be aware of the influence brands are having on them.
  • Before deciding to buy any product - it will worthwhile to analyze - why we are actually buying a product that we are buying.
  • Evaluate whether we are influenced by status or prestige.

Lastly, brands aren’t going anywhere - and they will continue to keep coming back at consumers with many more new gadgets as consumers - we should be aware of these influences and make informed decisions.

I am a product management professional based in Halifax, Canada and I write about technology, innovation, entrepreneurship and business strategy. You can learn more about me at the following link: https://iamgrt.com