In my view, “We Evolve As We Learn”. This notion proves much more valid in the case of product managers - as we are at the forefront of everything that is important in the product development lifecycle. We need to continuously upskill ourselves not just in technical skills but also in soft skills that are essential for long-term success.

Being a Product Manager requires us to stay focused on the latest technological developments - while making sure that our product is staying ahead of the competition. As product managers, we get to work on building products that have an impact on the entire world.

As the technologies emerging at a rapid pace - it is important that product managers keep themselves abreast with what is happening in the technological innovation space. We need to go Zero to One through Vertical progress involving innovation - that means we need to come out with something that has never existed before.

As Product Managers, we need to have a very broad range of skill sets. Following are some key areas - which we need to improve upon as we move along in our product management careers.

Innovation: Product Managers should have the knack to innovate - mimicking competitor products should not be the goal. The main goal should be to use 1st Principles Thinking to solve challenges.

Verbal & Written Communication Skills - Both verbal and written skills are much needed. Product Leaders should be able to put communicate clearly to the team members and define the product roadmap.

Competitive Market Research: One of the other critical skills for product managers is the ability to conduct competitive market research. Most importantly, understand what problem we are trying to solve for the customers, what solutions are there, and what can be done differently to tackle the problems in a better way.

Technology Management: Product Managers should be able to understand - how everything works - they may not be coding - but understanding how something is working or what a possible solution could be is important. We need to keep learning and equip ourselves with new developments to set out for future growth.

Relationship Management: Another important skill for Product Managers is to be able to manage relationships with internal and external stakeholders. We should be able to persuade clients and team members on various aspects related to the product development lifecycle.

Being able to Teach: As we grow in the product career, it is important that product managers work on upskilling themselves and at some point be able to teach others to upskill the team members. It is only that we will be able to cater to the growing needs.

What do you think about upskilling? What are some key skill areas to build upon?

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