Building Allies as a Product Manager - I AM GRT

As product leaders, we act as a bridge between external and internal stakeholders. In that context, in order to perform our duties properly - it is very essential that we are viewed as credible and trustworthy by the team members.

It is only that way - we will be able to get the buy-in from everyone to successfully achieve the end product goal and build great products.

Secondly, two people looking at the same thing see it differently. In that context, it is very important for product leaders to set processes and strategies in place to bring all the team members together and motivate them to put their best towards building great products.

Following are some of the ways to build allies as a product manager:

πŸš€ Build Trust - Two way: Product leaders should always remember that building trust is a two way street. When we expect others to trust us - then we should be willing to trust others. By laying a strong foundation of trust between the team members - we will be able to build great relationships.

πŸš€ Being Accessible: Being accessible to the team members is an essential skill for product leaders. As a team, we all are going towards the same goal and when everyone is accessible to one another the team will be motivated to achieve greater results.

πŸš€ Build Relationships: Β In order to build great products and achieve desired results - it is imperative that product leaders are able to steer their way forward by working efficiently with their executives and other team members. Two of the essential ways to build relationships is to hone the following skills:

  • Listening and Seeking Feedback: Listening to what the other person is trying to convey is one of the essential skills for product leaders. An effective product leader is one - who is willing to listen and seek input from his team members.
  • Understanding The Other Person: Another key skill is to understand the other person. Each one of us has our own way of looking at things and by understanding our team members - we will be able to build stronger relationships.

πŸš€ Add value - as a Team Member: No one is perfect and we evolve as we learn. In that process, if any of our team members are stuck at doing something - then as product leaders - we should be willing to come forward and offer help.

πŸš€ Empathy: Product Leaders should embrace empathy in order to build great products. Empathy for product managers means being able to listen to and observe team members with unique backgrounds. Seeing things from their perspective and understanding what they are dealing with will help product leaders to be able to build great teams.

What are some of the ways you are building allies in your business? Which one of the above skills is most important for you?

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