Pursuit of Happyness - Govind, Canada

“There is no way to happiness—happiness is the way.” —Thich Nhat Hanh”

What is Happiness? What is the goal we are going after? Is it money? Is it success? Is it fame?

By definition each one of us - has set criteria for being happy. In the recent past - I was reading about some people talking about taking a full-time role against the challenges of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

I totally understand that Entrepreneurship is not an easy journey. Most importantly - not many are set out to be entrepreneurs. Living with uncertainty is challenging and daunting.

But happiness is not something that can be pursued externally - it has to be from within. We all were born with nothing and when we go - we won't be taking anything along with us.

Instead of running towards a set goal - which may or may not be attainable. I believe it is probably best to measure our success by looking back at our past achievements. We should celebrate our past successes to help motivate ourselves to move forward in life.

Personally, I always try to be positive towards life - and seek positivity in everything I do. My pursuit of happyness is to live in this moment and give my best to every opportunity that comes my way.

If my work gives me the satisfaction I am seeking then it does not really matter - whether it is from being an entrepreneur or from fulfilling someone else's dreams!

Pursuit of Happyness (I spellt it with a Y on purpose - influenced by my favourite movie - The Pursuit of Happyness starrring Will Smith).

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