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  • Action & Result: I developed a user friendly and easy to use landing page using HTML, JS and CSS. The form I created is dynamic and the responses were automated using the HubSpot CRM functionalities. Apart from creating the landing page, I am also providing technical support to key users.
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Eye Level is a supplementary education program that promotes self-directed learning. Eye Level helps children develop academic skills, build confidence, and establish a love of lifelong learning.
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Personal Website -

  • Action & Result: I built my personal website on Ghost CMS. Ghost is a full headless CMS which is completely agnostic of any particular front end or static site framework. Some of the key tasks involved in this project were deploying LAMP stack on the cloud, Server Configuration (Ubuntu 20.04 & Apache Server), installing Ghost CMS, Node JS and SSL configuration. I also customized the theme to suite my requirement.
Govinda Rajan TALLURI: Enabling Ideas To Work | Canada
My name is Govinda Rajan TALLURI (GRT) aka Govind. I help businesses achieve profitability through Innovative Growth Strategies.
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